MERCYBIT is the artistic alias of Giancarlo Bongiorno, who gave birth to this musical project in 2008 with the collaboration of Art Director Enrico Catalano. At first, Mercybit also involved producer Max Guida, owner of the Italian indie record label "Itbeat". Thanks to this collaboration and with the participation of the powerful singer Giuliana Mazzamuto, Mercybit projected his music into a house-dance scene and released his first full-length album titled “Incredible” in August 2011. However, he soon realized that this was not the music he really wanted to create, so he parted ways with Max Guida, starting anew as an indie artist. 2012's “ForeveRock” is the first release of this new artistic course, consisting of three new songs and an acoustic reinterpretation of the previously released "Sweet Time". This EP was specifically conceived to stress the departure from the house/electronic scene and the entrance into a world of pure rock. With the 2014's EP “On Air”, Mercybit subverted once more his canons in terms of music production. Singer and songwriter Adriano Orrù joins Mercybit in 2016 for “Unnatural”, for which he writes the lyrics to five tracks and their vocal arrangements as well as he lends his voice to the project. “Back home” is the first single and video off the new album. Further singles from "Unnatural" are released: "Lies", "Let it go/My secrets you know (Remix)" and "From now on". 2018: The long-awaited follow-up album to "Unnatural" is released. The singles "If I ever came back" and "Breakdown" (with an accompanying video directed by Jessica Moscaritolo) preceed the official release of "Lift" in March 2018. 


They say about us:


"Describe Mercybit? Beings, places, a journey into the future away from all the techno clichè, just short to the target in an unknown universe. Instruments that rise up to the top with invisible power to demonstrate the existence of a seventh human sense. A mix of hopes and full of energy. Thin crystalline architecture that draws the frame of a spatial ping pong of synth to which guitars respond from extrasolar planets and surrounded by sparks left behind by the 'Silver Surfer'. No hesitation! Mercybit is a bomb, one of those that explode on contact immediately and print their own name on the face of the galaxy in the world of music. We waiting patiently and we give to time the honor to answer this...We simply greet this energetic Italian promise."

- bertrand-escaff (Last.fm)